Gutur Gu Cast – A Review

Gutur Gu and Chintu Bangaya Gentleman are two hilarious shows newly available on SAB TV that are guaranteed to leave audiences laughing each evening! Don’t miss these silent comedies — guaranteed to fill your home with laughter night after night!

Balu Kumar is an obliging family man living with his parents and grandmother. However, his impulsive nature often gets him into trouble with neighbors.

The Plot

Gutur Gu is an absolute must-see for comedy lovers of any kind. A welcome relief from the noise that passes for comedy on streaming services these days, it tells the tale of a simple rural family and their adventures together. The writing is flawless while its actors do an incredible job of portraying their roles – each show promises laugh-out-loud comedy that leaves audiences smiling with contentment at its conclusion.

Ashlesha Thakur from ‘The Family Man’ and Vishesh Bansal from ‘Yeh Meri Family’ star as Ashlesha Thakur and Vishesh Bansal respectively in this drama that examines teenage love. With relatable plot points and talented acting talent on display, this show has gained widespread notice for its engaging storyline and compelling cast.

In a small town setting, this story follows Ritu and Anuj, two teenagers who meet while falling in love. Together they navigate their budding romance against a backdrop of family drama and social pressures that surrounds them.

Stellar Performances

Gutur Gu is comprised of an amazing cast who do an outstanding job in bringing their characters to life. Their chemistry and comedic timing is spot-on, guaranteeing laugh-out-loud performances. Furthermore, its use of physical comedy adds another level of humor.

This series follows Ritu and Anuj, two young lovers who meet in a coaching class. From cute romance to desi parents drama, Saqib Pandor’s script features Ashlesha Thakur (from The Family Man) playing Ritu alongside Vishesh Bansal ( from Yeh Meri Family ).

The show’s charming characters and relatable situations will leave you laughing out loud from start to finish, providing a delightful distraction or the perfect addition to your Netflix queue. Plus, with short episodes you can watch the show anytime anywhere!

Supporting Cast

No writing challenge can surpass managing multiple characters in your story, as their presence or absence could affect its plot and overall impact.

Gutar Gu features an incredible cast, and each actor does an exceptional job. Vishesh Bansal and Ashlesha Thakur are undoubtedly among its central attractions; Satish Roy, Garima Kunzru and Cindrella D’cruz also give captivating performances.

The core strength of this show lies in its relatability factor; small town stories typically found on streaming platforms can often contain violence; it was refreshing to watch such an innocent and sweet love story played out with no violence whatsoever. Furthermore, its script and acting talent was phenomenal.

Ritu and Anuj’s blossoming romance offers everything from cute puppy love, expert love guru advice, desi parents drama and beyond – making for an entertaining journey through young love’s many ups and downs. The show shows great promise; hopefully with each episode it gets better! This show should not be missed! It is certainly one to keep an eye out for!


Gutar Gu is one of India’s greatest romantic comedies. The series follows Ritu and Anuj as they try to maintain their budding romance despite social pressures, creating an endearing storyline which captures young love perfectly. Additionally, Gutar Gu’s family-friendly format provides opportunities for meaningful discussions around love, relationships, and family dynamics while parents should use their discretion when selecting appropriate programming for their children.

This serial features amusing dialogues and outstanding performances from its leads, which make for a highly watchable storyline that resonates with Indian audiences. Furthermore, each character is well-developed to give this show an authentic vibe.

Ashlesha Thakur and Vishesh Bansal star as its central characters, with Satish Ray and Nayan Bhatt in supporting roles. Each episode follows Balu as he lives with his wife, parents, and servant Pappu; each episode highlights something humorous that makes audiences laugh – an insightful show showcasing how comedy can even occur without actors speaking!

Direction & Technical Aspects

Gutur Gu is an entertaining look at teenage love and relationships, reminding viewers of all those wonderful memories associated with teenage romance and relationships. From stolen glances, to liking someone from a distance, to learning their likes and dislikes and finally asking someone out, Gutur Gu will take viewers back to all those cute moments they experienced with their crushes. The show’s dialogues and music provide a welcome respite from overly dramatic shows while its cast does an admirable job portraying each character on-stage.

Direction and cinematography of this show are also top notch; its heartwarming tale will keep audiences hooked until its completion.

This show’s clever dialogues, relatable characters, and relatable storyline has proven immensely popular with audiences of all ages. What sets it apart from most Indian sitcoms is its use of humor; with slapstick comedy and hilarious one-liners guaranteed to bring laughter out loud. Available for viewing via Amazon Mini TV app – free to download and stream – as well as subtitled translation in both Hindi and English for easy streaming access.