Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Pune For Career Advancement

Digital Scholar offers practical and job-specific digital marketing courses in Pune that equip its students to become proficient with different aspects of social media management while giving them hands-on experience by managing real client campaigns for real.

Training sessions with their trainers are available for clearing away doubts and providing backup classes when students miss a class. In addition, they also offer career guidance and internship assistance.

1. Master in Digital Marketing (MIDM)

No matter your experience level, obtaining a master’s degree in digital marketing can be invaluable to your career development. But with so many options to choose from, selecting an ideal course may prove challenging.

LIPS INDIA is one of the premier digital marketing institutes in Pune that offer affordable online courses and classroom training sessions to its students. They offer classes such as SEO, Social Media Marketing and Google AdWords among others.

This academy offers in-depth and hands-on knowledge about different digital marketing concepts. Additionally, you will work on real-life projects to gain practical insights. Their course structure is advanced and covers everything from the fundamentals to cutting edge trends; additionally they offer Google Certification so your resume stands out. Finally, their instructors are industry specialists with years of experience.


Digital Marketing is one of the best courses to jump-start your career and bring in more revenue, providing an attractive career option and great ways to make a lot of money.

Lips India provides top-rated Digital Marketing courses in Pune, featuring comprehensive training with Google AdWords Certification. If you are in search of Digital Marketing courses in Pune, Lips India stands out amongst the competition as a premier center.

This institute boasts a team of expert educators who teach their students both the fundamental and advanced concepts of Digital Marketing using an evidence-driven approach, with practical sessions using various premium tools that allow for in-depth knowledge acquisition and understanding. Furthermore, two months internship programs are also offered.

3. School of Digital Marketing

No matter your career stage or education level, taking digital marketing courses can give you the competitive edge in today’s job market. These courses can give you in-depth knowledge about various online marketing channels from social media and content marketing through to email and PPC campaigns – with options both online and offline to suit different preferences.

Digital marketing is a highly-sought-after skill, offering businesses many advantages over traditional forms of promotion. Not only does it reach more target customers quickly and more cost-effectively than conventional strategies, it can even improve reach to potential new ones!

Contrary to other fields, real estate does not require a degree or diploma to get started – in fact it can even be completed within six months! That makes real estate an attractive option for students and entrepreneurs who wish to launch their careers without spending too much money upfront.


Digital marketing is an in-demand skill set and one that offers businesses cost-effective strategies to expand customer reach and return on investment (ROI). Pune provides ample opportunities for digital marketers.

NSDM is one of the premier institutes for digital marketing courses in Pune, offering both certification and master’s degree courses focused on digital marketing. Their programs aim to keep up with emerging trends within this sector while providing hands-on experience through internship programs.

PIIDM stands out as more than just an institute; it provides an environment in which dreams are fostered and potential is unlocked. Boasting 4.8 Google and 5 Facebook ratings, their courses are rigorous and comprehensive with instructors that understand how to impart knowledge effectively.

5. Digital Skills

No matter whether it’s employment, entrepreneurship or freelancing opportunities that you seek, top recruiters recommend having practical Digital Marketing skills as part of any successful strategy. Digital Scholar offers a 4-month comprehensive online course which covers every facet of digital marketing.

This institute offers courses on SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing – as well as job placement assistance – while continually updating their curriculum to include cutting-edge digital marketing tools and techniques.

This course is ideal for professionals and students, covering the fundamentals of digital marketing to become Google Certified digital marketing professional and further your career prospects in an ever-evolving industry. All courses come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee to ensure their quality.